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The Catalyst Tribe

At Catalyst we pride ourselves on building a culture where all involved - be it a Director, Advisor, Manager, Team Leader or Intern - are treated equally and given full transparency into the running of the business. Catalyst views its team as close family, and this runs deep in our culture and the way the business is run and managed.

Board of Directors and Advisors

Catalyst has a board of directors and advisors that is made up of high caliber industry leaders that provide the firm with governance, oversight, and advice. The board of directors is in the process of being formed and the group will be announcing further additions in due course.


Benjamin Reid

Co-Managing Partner

Carlos Farjallah

Director and Advisor
John McCorvey

John McCorvey

Director and Chairman
Catalyst-edit 03

Scott Price

Co-Managing Partner

The Founders

The Catalyst Group was founded by four respected friends and colleagues with a collective mission to help its customers enjoy a seamless and user-friendly money management experience. The founders come with decades-worth of understanding and skill in fund administration, accounting, and private equity.


Benjamin Reid

Co-Managing Partner
Catalyst-edit 04

Frank Ferrara

Founding Partner & Managing Director – Private Equity

Marcus Rowe

Founding Partner &
Managing Director - Accounting & Finance
Catalyst-edit 03

Scott Price

Co-Managing Partner

The Management Team

In addition to the founding partners, Catalyst is led by an Executive Committee that is comprised of a team of highly-skilled and experienced individuals that boasts decades of experience within the financial services, regulatory, and private sectors. This team is tasked with the mandate to hire and build a high-performance team aligned with the group's product and jurisdictionally focused solutions.

Andrew-Graham 1080x1080

Andrew Graham

Director - Compliance & Internal Governance


Rossana de Maio

Managing Director - Fund Services
Matthew Surnam

Matthew Surman

Managing Director – Information Technology

Chris Hindle

Managing Director – Product Solutions

Stuart Wright

Director - Corporate Development & Strategy


Janine Brown

Director - Client Services

The Day-to-Day Operational Team

Our highly focused and dedicated team is the coming together of some of the industry's finest people. Our core staff brings a combined experience that delivers a unique and unparalleled customer service experience.  Catalyst employs only the highest caliber of talent with expertise in creating innovative, futureproof solutions to solve our clients' evolving needs.


Fernando Alves

Fund Administration and Middle Office Specialist

Matt Dean

Matthew Dean

Senior Associate Director - Client Services

Jonathan Bogese

Manager – Client Services


Keegan Delport

Manager - Portfolio Services

Marta Pires

Associate Director - Client Experience

Alan-Harcombe 1080x1080

Alan Harcombe

Associate Director – Financial Controller

Olga Khodzhaeva

Associate Director - Client Experience


Thomaz Monteiro

Senior Associate Director - Client Experience & General Counsel
Hans-Hao 1080x1080

Hans Hao

Associate Director – Product Solutions

Juliana Kay

Senior Associate – Investor Services
The Catalyst Group - Studio Portraits April 2021

Shakira Ebanks

Analyst – Portfolio Services

The Catalyst Group - Studio Portraits April 2021

Naidy Rizo

Analyst – Portfolio Services

Guia Ayuma

Senior Associate Director – Product Solutions

Francois van der Merwe

Manager - Product Solutions

Kiel Donahue

Manager – Client Services

Caio Lisboa

Associate – Internal Governance

Rebeca Lima

Associate – Investor Services

Hannah Foreman

Manager – Employee Experience

Julia Coles

Senior Associate – Client Services

Ross Anderson

Associate Director - Product Solutions

Pedro Abrantes

Senior Associate – Client Services

Michael Jacobs

Senior Associate - Portfolio Services

Bahadur-Lal 1080x1080

Bahadur Lal

Manager - Financial Accounting

Brandon Rass

Senior Associate - Information Technology

Ana Pacheco

Associate - Investor Services
Aquinnah-Ebanks 10801080

Quinn Ebanks

Analyst - Client Experience

Kiyasha Pillay

Associate - Client Experience


Nabeelah Roomaney

Associate - Client Services


Farouk Salie

Senior Associate - Client Services

Aniesa Chohan

Senior Associate - Portfolio Services


Hesharm Reddy

Associate - Client Experience


David Sim

Intern - Client Services
Briana-Liu 1080x1080

Briana Liu

Senior Associate - Client Services
Dan-Currie 1080x1080

Dan Currie

Senior Associate - Investor Services
Jonathan-Mason 1080x1080

Jonathan Mason

Senior Associate - Investor Services
Emily-Smith 1080x1080

Emily Smith

Associate - Client Experience
Barbara-Soares 1080x1080

Barbara Soares

Manager - Client Experience
Ferne-Wynnyk 1080x1080

Ferne Wynnyk

Associate - Investor Services
Latoya-Campbell 1080x1080_Preferred

Latoya Campbell

Associate Director - Operational Compliance
Jessica-McFarland 1080x1080

Jessica McFarland

Senior Associate - Client Services

Fatima Dramat

Associate - Client Experience

Keegan Boonzaaier

Senior Associate - Portfolio Services
Bruna-Chambriard 1080x1080

Bruna Chambriard

Analyst - Legal Support
Joao-Lopes 1080x1080

João Lopes

Analyst - Client Services
Laetitia-Bester 1080x1080

Laetitia Bester

Senior Associate - Portfolio Services
Wayne-Africa 1080x1080

Wayne Africa

Senior Associate - Client Services
Taylor-Brown 1080x1080

Taylor Brown

Senior Associate - Client Experience

Team Structure

Catalyst works off a fully transparent structure where all staff understand their position within the structure. Catalyst has a linear reporting structure that is intended to encourage its employees to further their careers within the company. Staff titles will be assigned as follows: Intern, Administrator, Associate, Senior Associate, Team Leader or Manager, Associate Director, Director, Managing Director and Executive Committee Member.

The groups structure chart can be viewed below: