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Who We Are

Catalyst is an innovative financial services firm that utilises the latest technology, extensive automation and a jurisdictional focus to deliver accurate, highly efficient and institutionally scalable products. Coupled with a team of highly specialised relationship and operational managers, Catalyst offers its clients a service experience that is unparalleled in the financial services industry today.

200+ Clients

4+ Jurisdictions

50+ Employees

Meet the Team

The Catalyst team is a unique combination of highly skilled, like-minded and driven professionals who share a unified vision of what it takes to a create a culture centered around client service excellence.

All members of Catalyst bring unique expertise to the table that when combined, provides clients with a truly diverse knowledge base, enabling them to assist across all areas of their day-to-day business demands. With diversity sitting at the core of the team, Catalyst is the amalgamation of 9+ nationalities from around the globe.

How We Operate

The Catalyst promise is that the client will truly sit at the center of all aspects of our business. Gone are the days of “one-size-fits-all” and the team at Catalyst truly understands and embraces this. Catalyst builds solutions that make our clients lives easier and more productive. We accomplish this through our investment in Technology and the People on our team.


Leveraging technology to its fullest extent, through automation, Catalyst delivers an innovative solution offering extreme efficiency and usability.

Uniquely integrated

Catalyst’s custom-built platform is well integrated to deliver accurate, efficient and institutionally scalable products.


Fully cloud-based solution offers clients customized, rapid and accurate data delivery as well as collaboration tools that provide real-time information.


Each and every Catalyst person is considered a family member – not an employee. We see all our clients as Partners whom we work with to solve problems.

Caliber Talent

Count on only the highest caliber of talent with the expertise in creating innovative, future-proofing solutions to solve our client’s evolving needs.


A highly focused team willing to go beyond the ordinary to create an unparalleled customer experience – from addressing investor requirements and strategic planning to a new standard for seamless client onboarding.

Value Creation Through Technology

We create efficiencies through the automation of manual processes which frees up time for relationship specialists to fully focus on the client experience:

  • Added customization

  • Less human error

  • Increased access to data

  • Highest quality and usability of the expected deliverables