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Our Why

In an industry saturated with legacy systems, manual processes, lack of real-time data and a fragmented client service experience, Catalyst has set out to transform the financial services industry by:

Providing simplified and user-friendly solutions to their clients’ complex challenges.

Moving beyond one-dimensional providers, Catalyst seeks to become an integral business partner, demonstrating innovation through collaboration by harnessing technology and investing in people.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the client experience through superior technology, automation, innovation, and unparalleled client service. By marrying its expertise in next generation technology, Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, with a team of highly skilled relationship specialists, Catalyst becomes an integral business partner. This collaborative approach facilitates constant growth and innovation.

Our Promise

At Catalyst, we promise to deliver a superior client experience through:

  • Manifestation and harnessing of innovative technology

  • Unparalleled customer service

  • Building on trust and mutual respect

  • Providing a collaborative approach to customized solutions

Expect us to constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence.

Our Focus

Client Service

  • We make our clients’ problems our focus
  • Every client has a Relationship Manager who ensures constant collaboration and a fast and effective resolution to all potential issues

Investment in Technology

  • Keeping on the forefront of technology through constant evolution enables us to deliver on our promise of staying ahead of the pack
  • Expect the unexpected – we will constantly look to push our investment in technology


  • With a team solely focused on Robotic Process Automation – we automate as much as we can
  • We will work with our clients to help install automation to increase their efficiency and accuracy

Our Values

Who we are and how we work with our clients are governed by these core principles. At Catalyst, our values speak for not only the way we work internally, but how we work with our clients and stakeholders.


Building purposeful relationships and a shared vision


Constantly redefining the standard of excellence


Consistently delivering exceptional results


Delivering better solutions through a common purpose


Always available and fully focused


Cultivating trust and mutual respect


Providing complete visibility to the solution