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Catalyst Group appointed by dParadigm Fund

The Catalyst Group Limited (“Catalyst”), a global fund administration and financial services provider, is proud to announce its appointment by the investment manager, dParadigm Capital Limited, to provide fund administration services for its institutional grade digital asset fund, dParadigm Fund SPC.

The dParadigm Fund is a regulated vehicle for institutional investors to gain exposure to digital assets via a hybrid VC and DeFi strategy.

The Fund has been crafted to blend a variety of investment strategies. The modus operandi of the Fund is to generate uncorrelated capital appreciation whilst capturing yield enhancement opportunities through a diversified portfolio of tokens, coins, digital assets, and derivatives linked to several rapidly expanding DeFi ecosystems.

dParadigm is leveraging its digital technology and decentralized finance expertise to capture value for investors as an early entrant into the digital assets market with a traditional fund structure familiar to institutional investors.

dParadigm is currently seeded, operational and scaling to be a $100m DeFi fund by end of 2022.

dParadigm has appointed Catalyst based on its recognition of the firm’s extensive knowledge and experience of crypto, digital assets, and decentralized finance ecosystems, reinforced by its robust and innovative fund services approach. Catalyst’s commitment to harnessing technology and providing high touch client service to provide best-in-class offerings will ensure that dParadigm is able to provide its institutional grade investors with the exacting standards of service and communication that they expect, whilst simultaneously implementing resilient and convenient investor due-diligence, KYC and AML processes.

Benjamin Reid, Founder & Co-Managing Partner, The Catalyst Group, commented: “We are delighted to be able to announce this new relationship with dParadigm. As a first mover in the fund space to be providing institutional investors with access to DeFi ecosystems and digital asset markets, they are breaking new ground and we are excited to be providing the administration and financial services infrastructure necessary to facilitate this initiative as it scales to meet the needs of institutional investors.”

Kiel Donahue, Manager – Digital Fund Services, The Catalyst Group, commented: “From a delivery and client service perspective, working with the team at dParadigm is incredibly interesting. The whole team is very excited about this project and the growth potential that it represents. From a Catalyst perspective, we have been selective on the managers we are working with as each one brings its own complexities. The team at dParadigm bring with them a lot of institutional experience that they have married with digital asset knowledge that we see as being key to working with our clients. We look forwarding to learning a lot from their expertise and growing in unison as partners.”

Daragh Geraghty, COO dParadigm Capital Limited, commented: “We are pleased to work with Catalyst in launching and scaling a digital asset fund, given their expertise in supporting VC and DeFi focused strategies. Given the nascent nature of the market and dParadigm being one of the first institutional grade offerings in the market, we wanted to ensure that we selected the “best of breed” fund administrator to meet our requirements, and to set high standards for institutional investors as they look to allocate capital in this space. We are very grateful to all the Catalyst team for their high levels of commitment and support in what is a rapidly developing market.”

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