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Our Fabric

Catalyst invests heavily in technology to create an environment that includes a portfolio of proprietary and vendor software delivering a level of detail and integration that clients have rarely seen before.

  • 1 Fully Integrated Microsoft Platform
  • 2 Cat 5 - Our Proprietary Client Portal
  • 3 Best in Breed Fund Administration Platforms
  • 4 Robotic Process Automation

How it's connected

Smart Client Onboarding

Value creation: Ease and increased security

  • Facilitating automated processing of global “Know Your Customer” (KYC) and “Know Your Customers’ Customer” (KYCC) compliance requirements.
  • Secure cloud-based solution providing a simple and intuitive platform to transfer and verify data.

Robotic Processing Automation

Value creation: Less human error and simplified deliverables

  • Automation tools are deployed to simplify end-to-end complex and time critical business processes, using built-in AI capability to further optimize tasks.

Cloud-based Platform

Value creation: Added customization

  • Fully comprehensive accounting and reporting platform, including complex structures.
  • Highly automated tools for portfolio reconciliation, collateral management and reporting.

Collaboration Solutions

Value creation: Increased access to real-time data

  • CRM unifies relationship data and provides contextual AI-driven insights.
  • Central portal for clients and a workflow tool.
  • Delivery of fully customized, third-party hosted platform for managers and fund investors.
  • Secure, API-connected real-time communication platform to bypass emails and increase security.

Technology Core

1. Platform — Microsoft

Partnering with the “best-of-the-best” is one of the main goals when it comes to Catalyst’s technological aspirations and Microsoft certainly serves that category. Centralized through the full Microsoft environment that embraces and promotes Office365, the Azure stack and Microsoft Dynamics.

Day-to-day partner:

Having everything housed through Microsoft will mean one core environment for Catalyst staff and clients where the life of a client’s relationship cycle – from prospecting, onboarding through to the day-to-day deliverables and invoicing - all performed within this integrated platform.


In addition, the daily interaction with clients through Microsoft Teams will not only reduce and potentially remove the need for email, but also enable clients to communicate directly and securely with the team at the click of a button on their laptops or mobile phones.


With security as a core and key factor partnering with Microsoft and using the Azure stack will ensure that Catalyst has the best in cyber security and protection.

2. Client Portal — Cat-5

Fully integrated with the Microsoft environment and designed using Visual Studio and SQL, Catalyst will provide clients with a fully proprietary next-gen portal called “The Cat 5 Portal”.

Amongst many features, the main aim of the portal will be to:

  • drastically add efficiency to a client day-to-day

  • provide work-flow solutions

  • allow clients real-time access to any fund related data (including a real-time portfolio feed)

Connected to the Catalyst environment:

  • through Application Programming Interface (API)

  • expect full integration with all aspects of the Catalyst environment as well as to the accounting platforms

3. Best in Breed Fund Administration Platforms — Geneva & Paxus

One thing the team knows better than any is that “one size does not fit all” - and with this in mind, Catalyst will be embracing two accounting systems – Advents Geneva and Pacific Fund Systems (“Paxus”).

Best of both worlds:

By running both systems and having them fully integrated into the “Cat 5 Client portal,” Catalyst will offer clients two market leading accounting solutions at a competitive price. Catalyst will utilize the latest versions to ensure clients are provided with the best and latest solutions available in the market.

4. Robotic Process Automation — Xceptor & Automation Anywhere

A key differentiator when it comes to the Catalyst offering is the firm's approach and integration through Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”) for the optimal client experience.

The team behind RPA:

At Catalyst we will be creating an RPA lab made up of core individuals whose roles are focused on the automation of manual tasks.

Through the  implementation of “Automation Anywhere” and ‘Xceptor’ the team will focus initially on Catalyst internal processes, however from Q1 2021, Catalyst plans to deploy the team to work with clients with the aim of assisting and improving their processes by introducing RPA on both sides of the equation.