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Our Fabric

Catalyst invests heavily in technology to create an environment that includes a portfolio of proprietary and vendor software delivering a level of detail and integration that clients have rarely seen before.

  • 1 Fully Integrated Microsoft Platform
  • 2 Core - Our Proprietary Client Portal
  • 3 Best in Breed Fund Administration Platforms
  • 4 Robotic Process Automation

How it's connected

Smart Client Onboarding

Value creation: Ease and increased security

  • Facilitating automated processing of global “Know Your Customer” (KYC) and “Know Your Customers’ Customer” (KYCC) compliance requirements.
  • Secure cloud-based solution providing a simple and intuitive platform to transfer and verify data.

Robotic Processing Automation

Value creation: Less human error and simplified deliverables

  • Automation tools are deployed to simplify end-to-end complex and time critical business processes, using built-in AI capability to further optimize tasks.

Cloud-based Platform

Value creation: Added customization

  • Fully comprehensive accounting and reporting platform, including complex structures.
  • Highly automated tools for portfolio reconciliation, collateral management and reporting.

Collaboration Solutions

Value creation: Increased access to real-time data

  • CRM unifies relationship data and provides contextual AI-driven insights.
  • Central portal for clients and a workflow tool.
  • Delivery of fully customized, third-party hosted platform for managers and fund investors.
  • Secure, API-connected real-time communication platform to bypass emails and increase security.

Technology Core