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The Experience

The team starting Catalyst has over 50+ years collective financial services experience. In addition, a large part of the team have worked together for 7+ years. The years working as a team means there is an underlying alignment when it comes to understanding each others individuals skills and weaknesses. Catalyst has adopted very strict metrics when it comes to hiring, ensuring that all our people truly meet the mold.

Unique Collaboration

Having a team that has worked together for several years means clients get the immediate benefit of:

  • A team that brings a track record of success that will be leveraged from Day 1.
  • A team that understands each other’s strengths and weaknesses and works together harmoniously.
  • A team that understands client’s pain points and deliverables and knows how to address them in a client centric fashion.

Commitment to Clients

The commitment that Catalyst gives to its clients is to deliver a new gold-standard for client relationship and operational delivery perspective:

  • All clients having a relationship manager – available 24/7.
  • A commercially focused operations team, led by a team leader that will spend time with the clients to understand all their particular needs and demands.
  • Client individual score cards, aligned to the individual Service Level Agreements will be implemented and tracked.
  • Monthly / quarterly meetings – carried out virtually or in person to assess how the team, both individual and as a whole, are performing.

Jurisdictional Focus

Having products that match our client's is core to our offering. Going one step further, however, is matching our clients jurisdictional needs with their team – be it from a language, location or cultural perspective we understand our clients like to interact with real people that ‘speak their language.’ For this reason, Catalyst has created focused teams servicing two main jurisdictions – Brazil and the US.

The Catalyst Relationship Management Model

Active daily client management is core to driving an efficient and profitable operation and in turn excelling the client experience.

At Catalyst, all clients are allocated a relationship Manager and 2 operational Team Leaders tasked with ensuring all aspects of the client’s day-to-day demands managed.

Relationship Manager

Ensures constant communication including escalations and rapid response.

Client Implementation Manager

Responsible for seamless onboarding and transition to the daily operations team.


The client’s point-of-contact who coordinates the NAV and RTA specialists to meet the client’s daily deliverables.

Operations Team Members

The client’s service team dedicate to all aspects of the deliverables outlined in the Administration Services Agreement (ASA) and Service Level Agreement (SLA).